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Stephen and Meghan

Here are some reasons why I love what I do…

This is Stephen. He’s waiting to see  his bride for the first time on his wedding day. It’s in these few moments while she makes her way up to the church, where you can feel the excitement. This moment is one of my favorite moments of the day.  They both can’t stop smiling. Their joy is so contagious. Everyone around them have the biggest smiles. As his bride taps him on the shoulder and removes the blindfold, reality hits. This is the day they have been waiting months for. This moment has finally arrived. All the people that love them, their closest family and friends are surrounding them and celebrating them. It’s so awesome to capture that moment on film.


Here is a moment just after putting their rings on for the first time.  Stephen was admiring his wife ring. I love taking pictures of moments that aren’t staged. I love how you can look at a picture and feel the emotions of that moment.


When we got to the reception we made our way up to the roof to take some pictures. We came across this window as we made our way up, so I took a couple quick shots. These two have so much love for each other. The thing I loved about these two were they just enjoyed every moment of their wedding day. They truly just loved being together. I could have asked them at any moment to stop for a picture and, without any thought, they were captivated by each other. They were made for each other. Did I also mention they sang together during the ceremony?!  These two blew me away!  Not only were their voices amazing, but you could feel their hearts for each other in every note.


Here is a shot of Stephen dancing with his mom. They uncontrollably cried on each other through the entire song. Everyone started crying. The whole room was engaged in this moment. I felt so honored to be there with my camera to capture something so special. In moments like this, I say to myself, “I love what I do.”




Ryan and Valerie

I got to shoot over on Orcas Island last week. It was so beautiful, and when I asked the bride if she was ok with going on the sandy beach in her dress she was so excited! Such an easy couple to work with.  Here is just a few that I love.



Paul and Lindsey

Paul and Lindsey are an awesome couple to work with. We found some old barns on what ended up being a beautiful day. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding! Here are some of my favorites.


Paul Routos - Matt these are awesome. Thank you so much. Lindsey and I couldn’t be happier. Also what a cool spot for photos. Great find.

Andrew and Angela



Lyn Ismael-Bennett - That last images sums up their day perfectly. Sweet, romantic. Well done!

tobiah - lovely photos of a cute couple! love the photos in the bar!

Paul Krol - Wonderful wedding imagery here with lots of great smiles and moments captured!

Albert Palmer - What a unique wedding – great frames Matt!

Heather Kanillopoolos - Oh those last two shots… WOW. I want them as huge canvases in my living room, and I don’t even know the B&G haha!! Awesome work, Matt- these are gorgeous!

ALMA // - Awesome Portraits!!

Kat Forsyth - Great portraits! I LOVE the ones of them snuggled up in the blanket by the window. Real sense of atmosphere there!

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